Technical / Service Area

Technical Area

Given the increasingly complex requirements of the automotive market, the Technical Area has set up a technical consulting service for customers, in order to offer its experience and know-how built up from years in the industry
Magip Rettifiche'customers will not only obtain prompt, accurate answers to their technical queries, they’ll also find that our technical team is always looking to find the best technical solutions at affordable prices, to meet increasingly specific, complex needs
For the customer all this translates into immediate, tangible benefits such as time-saving, lower costs and growth of their business

Machining Area

Magip Rettifiche has many years’ experience in the industry, and has a large workshop dedicated to the adjustment, reconditioning and overhauling of internal 2 and 4-stroke internal combustion engines for road and industrial use
Over the years, we have specialised in the machining of all engine components, from tig welding of aluminium cylinder heads to the machining or repairing of turbines, pistons, driveshafts, connecting rods, bedplates, cylinders, camshafts, valves, valve seats and guides, flywheels, drums, brake discs, etc
Last but not least we also carry out dynamic balancing, shot peening and other works on competition engines.



All the prices are exclusive of VAT, the deposit on the old returned part and the separate shipping costs, and may be changed at any time without notice.

The costs of shipping the replacement product will be paid by, provided that the new item is of a value equal or higher than that of the replaced item. (Reimbursement is not available if the product has already been replaced, and customers will only be entitled to an exchange. If more than one product is returned for the same order, the shipping costs will be charged).
If the product is defective, the Customer must promptly contact the Customer Service department (within 48 hours of receipt) stating the invoice number and telephone contact details.

The minimum order is , excluding shipping costs or other additional charges. On completion of the purchase, the Customer must keep a copy of the order and of these Terms and conditions.
The products will be shipped with a covering invoice, in a transparent envelope affixed to the outside of the package sent to the Customer.


Customer Satisfaction
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