Shipping Area

The products will be shipped by courier, BRT or GLS-Executive, when the order is placed. To avoid delays, please ensure that the correct details have been given. 
The order will be fulfilled by the end of the following day, after confirmation of receipt and subject to availability
Verification of payment will be immediate for credit card transactions, and will take several days for bank transfer payments. In such cases, please send the bank transfer receipt indicating the transaction number, by email or by fax at 0445-380865. 
The products will be shipped with a covering invoice, in a transparent envelope affixed to the outside of the package sent to the Customer

Shipping tariffs

The tariffs for shipments in Italy will vary depending on the weight of the goods

up to 1 kg € 10,00 + VAT 1-4 working days
from 1,1 to 4,9 € 15,00 + VAT
from 5 to 9,9 kg € 20,00 + VAT
from 10 to 14,9 kg € 25,00 + VAT
from 15 to 29,9 kg € 30,00 + VAT
from 30 to 49,9 kg € 40,00 + VAT
from 50 to 59,9 kg € 60,00 + VAT
from 60 to 69,9 kg   € 70,00 + VAT
 from 70 to 99,9 kg  € 80,00 + VAT
from 100 to 129,9 kg   € 100,00 + VAT
from 130 to 149,9 kg € 120,00 + VAT
from 150 to 199,9 kg € 140,00 + VAT
from 200 to 249,9 kg € 170,00 + VAT
over 250 kg € 220,00 + VAT

The shipping costs will be calculated automatically when the products are placed in the Cart, and will be shown in the final summary under a separate heading, so that you can check the shipping cost before placing the order


If the package is not delivered because the recipient was absent, the storage and redelivery costs will be paid entirely by the Customer
At the time of collection, ensure that you check that the package number corresponds with the number on the receipt, that the package is intact, and bears the Magip Rettifiche security tape
If the package is damaged, this should be reported to the courier, and the words “TO BE CHECKED” should be written on the receipt.
Please promptly inform our Customer Service department by writing to indicating the order or invoice numbers, on all correspondence. If the goods do not arrive in time or if you suspect the package has been lost, please contact our Customer Service department immediately. Inaccurate shipments or missing parts must be notified immediately in writing, within three days from receipt. declines all liability towards the Customer as a result of events of force majeure (strikes, transport interruptions or delays, server unavailable etc.) which may prevent the order from being fulfilled. The Customer shall have no right to compensation for any direct or indirect loss or damage suffered as a result of such an event

For special requests or requirements, please contact



All the prices are exclusive of VAT, the deposit on the old returned part and the separate shipping costs, and may be changed at any time without notice.

The costs of shipping the replacement product will be paid by, provided that the new item is of a value equal or higher than that of the replaced item. (Reimbursement is not available if the product has already been replaced, and customers will only be entitled to an exchange. If more than one product is returned for the same order, the shipping costs will be charged).
If the product is defective, the Customer must promptly contact the Customer Service department (within 48 hours of receipt) stating the invoice number and telephone contact details.

The minimum order is , excluding shipping costs or other additional charges. On completion of the purchase, the Customer must keep a copy of the order and of these Terms and conditions.
The products will be shipped with a covering invoice, in a transparent envelope affixed to the outside of the package sent to the Customer.


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